Zen Fly Fishing: Zen Worm

By: Jim T.

Date: April 21, 2004

Surf Miki 3

Derivation: There have been several worm flies developed for surf perch. The Zen Worm requires minimal materials using new durable synthetic hairs. By the way, the photo shows my tie of Jim T's pattern.

Hook: Tiemco 3761 sizes 6 (1X long and 2X strong). Use size 4 to be selective to larger fish when a school of spawners are in front of you. This hook is extremely sharp out of the box, has a small barb and has superior hookup rate. The freshwater-bronzed hook holds up well if you rinse with fresh water and dry after fishing. You can use similar 2x long hooks for a longer body.

Head: Small Gold Cone - Put the gold cone on the hook shank before placing the hook on the vise. Build up hook shank with tying thread under head for a snug fit, slide the cone up, lock the tip in place with black thread (Danville's Flat Waxed Nylon) and whip finish. Tie in thread behind the cone and tie in the back of the cone with repeated turns then work back to tie in the tail material.

Tail: Use about 40 to 50 strands of Doug's Bugs Slinky Flash in Brown. The synthetic hair color is medium brown with some strands of embossed gold flash added. The tail should be about 50% longer than the body including the cone head. A fuller tail will last longer. If you do make it fuller then taper the end of the tail into a cone shape by trimming with scissors.

Body: Doug's Bugs Crystal Chenille in Brown (the colors are really strong in metallic green flash with brown). I use medium length with fibers approx. 1/8 inch long. Tie in chenille after tail is secured. It is important to use build a base of thread over the shank of the hook with a moderate coating of head cement to lock in the chenille fibers. Work forward and then tie off chenille behind the cone head. Coat the thread with head cement - let dry. (You can also use Hobbs Glimmer flash Chenille (peacock) in short, or Petite Estaz in Opalescent Dark Olive #39 or Peacock Black.)

Variations: You can use other colors of Slinky Flash and Crystal Chenille: light green Slinky Flash with Olive Crystal Chenille works as well.

Note: You can see a Zen Worm sample at Ernie’s Casting Pond in Soquel, CA. Just ask to see it. SJ Flyshop usually has all of the materials including the Slinky Flash in Brown. Ernie is ordering Slinky Flash and usually has the rest of the materials.

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