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The reports are in reverse chronological order with the latest report on top. Click on the pictures to view a larger version and on links to see more. I'll try to post some reader's reports because I haven't been getting out very much lately. If you fish in the spirit of this website - mostly catch and release, please send reports. I would prefer at least one picture.

Report from Wayman Lee (shown on the beach) for a trip on September 4, 2006: Charles Carter, myself, and a couple of other friends - Larry Cheng and Robert Sabbatini -hit beach south of Half Moon Bay on Monday morning. Itís quite a climb down, but there are some very nice holes formed along the length of the beach. It was tough conditions as the waves were fairly rough and it was hard work to keep contact with the fly. It was Robertí 2nd time fly rodding the beach - he had fun, but only picked up two small fish. Larry got about 8 all dinks. Charles got 20 to 30 all dinks. I got lucky and picked up 30 to 40 fish - all but 6 or 8 were dinks. The biggest was may be 10-inches. Charles has fished this beach a couple of times in the past and had great success although he fished it in the evenings before. Iíve included other pictures of out outing: It was Charles that had been exploring/scouting. He had been out on previous weekends. He said: 40+ fish both times and a good number of non-dinks. It's flatter than most San Mateo beaches but not as flat as Santa Cruz and without the classic rips. Deep water just beyond the ledge that causes the shore break seems to be the best holding water. I've able to find schools of good sized fish and stay on them for a while. One week I fished a Miki-style fly, the next a worm. I'm using one fly on a short (4') leader, 28' of T8 on Rio .024 mono running line with a Redington RedFly 5/6 rod. Fished late afternoon on both rising and falling tides.

Editor: Thanks for the report - the water looks great and it looks like everyone had a lot of fun! Very inspirational!

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