Luck and Zen Fly Fishing

I have a friend who doesn't fish much any more because of other activities. He was a long-time grub fisherman and started to learn fly fishing about the same time in 2001 that I started. He is a very good fisherman. He doesn't have to go often to do well. Anyway, the first serious fly fishing trip we took was amazing for him. The first fish that he ever caught on his fly rod (an old fiberglass 8-weight that I gave him) was an 8-lb Striped Bass. He was using a small Surf Grub targeting perch. It is amazing that he got the slack out without fouling! It is amazing that he was able to play and land the nice striper on strange tackle! He called for help but I was out of hearing distance. Eventually, I glanced over to see this obviously larger fish he was holding. Yeah, he was beaming... ...luck was with him!

On the way home, he confessed that the night before fishing he prepares for a nice day's fishing by visualizing a successful day. Having had a long and successful career in the early microelectronics industry, he had used this technique throughout his business life. It works for fishing too!, he says. It is like making your own luck. It definitely lifts your confidence and raises your awareness to cues. It might even alter reality!

While actively casting and retrieving, I am always watching for the best holding water. The visual cues are not always there because they are obscured by waves and foam. You see over successive waves that there is structure and water dynamics that persists. You get a good cast and a good drift through that water and you KNOW that there will be a grab waiting for you and there it is! It often works this way so make your own good luck!

Published: August 2, 2003

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