Grub Fly

By: Glenn M. Yoshimoto

Date: June 2002

Derivation and Use: The trick here is to construct barbs from 20-pound test monofilament to secure the grub during casting.

Hook: Mustad 34011, Stainless Steel, Sizes 4 or 6 converted to 60-degree jig hook by bending with pliers or vise. Size 6 has superior hit rate. Use size 4 to be selective to large fish when a school of spawners are in front of you.

Head: Small Gold Bead or Cone- You may have to drill (1/16 inch) to clear barb and get around bend. Build up hook under head to eliminate clearance and lock the tip in place with red thread (BCTC Nymo or Uni-thread 3/0) and whip finish. Lock in the back of the cone with repeated turns.

Body: Tie in 20-pound test mono at two locations on the shank of hook to form barbs pointed forward.

Grub body: 2-inch grubs are the best. Use 3-inch if you are going for larger Barred Perch with size 4 hooks. Berkeley makes a good 2-inch scented grub in pumpkin. Bass Pro has very good 2-inch grubs too. The 1 1/2 inch grubs work but are a little small. Colors that are motor-oil colored (iridescent green/amber) are the best we have found so far. I believe that this triggers a feeding response on worms that inhabit our surf. See this information on the Clam Worm ( Nereis virens)

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