Movie showing Glenn working long period, foamy water.

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The surf is challenging today with long period, foamy waves without much close in structure but there should be fish in this water. You have to advance to cast and retreat to stay safe to reach holding water. On days like this, my style is very active. You see me on the sand getting some line out, roll casting then drag casting while waiting for the right timing to cast. The drag casts use water drag to load the rod in backcasting. The last forward cast is aimed high and actually lobbed. The movie finishes with me stripping to work the fly, keeping line in control. I'm somewhat erradic today because of stiffness from bodywork. I'm testing a new rod - the Redington CPS 9064S, 9-foot saltwater 6-weight and their new Special Value Fly Reel, SV II. The rod is very fast and casts leadcore really well. The Reel has a smooth cork drag, feels good with quiet outgoing click. I'm using the new Fireline XDS in 35# test for shooting line. It has near-zero stretch so provide extreme sensitivity to bites. It casts really well is is relatively tangle free but may need to use needle for some tangles.